Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sushi Maryosep!

After work, I went to the new Bridgeway arcade just across the Greenhills Shopping Complex to sample a restaurant. The complex has been undergoing major renovations of late in efforts to beef up its appeal to the more cosmopolitan crowd, as well as offer more choices to the regular visitors. The Bridgeway arcade contains a large carpark apart from new establishments, which include Gloria Jean’s, CafĂ© Mediterranean, Max’s, Toby’s, Astrovision, Sorabol, and Yellow Cab Pizza.

While undergoing my search, I passed by an area where a magazine distributor held a sale, with items ranging from 35 to 150 quid, depending on how outdated the items were. The geek in me gravitated towards Scientific American and Popular Science, then there’s the special issue of Writer’s Digest – all for just Php 105.

Sakae Sushi was a pebble’s throw away, and my cat curiosity clawed me into trying it out. It’s one of those sushi places with the conveyor belts, which paraded sushi plates beside the dining tables. I could get a bento box anywhere else, so I chose to experience plucking my meal from the gadget.

Not a very wise choice. The “ordinary plates” were Php 48 a pluck. The purple plates could be fetched for Php 68 each. The red plates demanded Php 168. I knew this of course – the price list was just beside the table – but right after I had placed my order, a whole brigade of red plates serendipitously appeared from the depths of the kitchen. I could hear them screaming at me: “Eat me! Eat me!” Hmmm… that’s push marketing for you. Thankfully and after much head-oscillation, I was able to snag the rarer and cheaper plates.

While chomping on my meager fare, a forty-something man who appeared to be the manager of the establishment approached me. Poker-faced, he pointed alternately between the menu and the conveyor belt, and blurted in an accented monotone, “Ang mga eto, wala diyan. Ino-order ‘yan.” Then he continues with a couple more sentences, essentially repeating what he had said. I’m like, “Dude, you sure know how to make a sales pitch.” I nodded my head in acknowledgement, and he walked away as quickly as he approached.

I ended up downing about 13 pieces of sushi, plus a can of Sarsi, for a dizzying 272 quid. Not exactly the filling dinner I had hoped for, but I’m charging it to experience. (Just for comparison’s sake, Sushi Mart serves better stuff, and they even have 50% off after 8:30pm.) If ever I go back there (which, believe me, won’t be voluntary), I’ll get one of the less-than-200 bento boxes.

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