Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Somewhat Whirlwind

Hoookay... work's beginning to pile up. One client after another, and I'm hoping that Bok and I pass this phase with flying colors. If Kestrel IMC is gonna be big, the designers have to stay sane, and organized. Looking at my desk right now, it seems that I've got my work cut out for me in that department. But things are smooth still. I don't see a nervous breakdown coming.

An impromptu interview with a television show was the day's highlight. I even trudged to Greenhills to get a collared shirt, as a bright yellow one wiould simply not do. The interview actually took place here in the office at a little past 7pm. A real nice and professional bunch asking the usual questions, allaying some of my worst fears. And the feature will only be five minutes at most. I managed to put a major statement about making Filipino comics great again, but it'll be up to the editors if they'll include the chunk of it.

After the interview, the writer asked if the rival station had ever approached me. I say no, which was the truth.

In any case, things should get pretty interesting over the next few weeks. In a previous post I said that love was brewing, but I never said anything about romance.

It's about my love for comics. And it's taking me on a scary delicious spin right now.

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