Thursday, July 03, 2003


The home of Pipeline Media's successor, Kestrel IMC, is a floor below. We've been permitted by the kind folks of Glue (a video production outfit) to set up shop there while our operations go through a much needed adjustment.

Compared to the old office, this new environment is more to my liking. While there's much less space to move around, it's more conducive to work because there's an impression of order. Well-illuminated interiors with the windows all blinded down. Sienna shades and light peach-brown balances everything out. And I love the mini-conference room.

If I were to design my own office, I'd go for a more corporate theme. More desaturated hues and lots of lines and angles. To offset the cold, some little touches of pastels would go here and there to warm things up. Corporate chic on the more conservative side. The only comfy part of the set-up would be the corner of the room, right next to a large window overlooking something, like the MRT or a mall.

A highly casual environment just doesn't cut it for me much because it threatens my focus. It is said that a highly corporate environment stunts creativity. While this is true in my case, I’d rather have that than a workplace that looks like a living room. In a constricting environment, I find it easier to tackle a task head-on. The variety of stimuli is limited here, and thus I’m more able to get things done straight away. When I need to get creative, a quiet, dark conference room does the trick.

I suppose this the result of working for over ten years in both corporate and casual settings. One gets to compare. Oh. And I prefer office uniforms, too, over wear-what-you-like. Practical, subsidized, and predictable. No fuzz.

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