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Online Sex Again

In 1948, the small Japanese city of Tochina was still recovering from the impact of World War II. American soldiers occupied the town, frequenting the pan-pan girls and hostesses of the Yoshiwara, the ruined geisha district. In converted shelters young people jiggied to imported dance hall tunes. New Western fashions and ways blended with Japanese traditional culture.

In a secret laboratory under the city, well hidden from eyes of authorities and passersby, a once renowned scientist continued to conduct biogenetic experiments begun in war times.

Attention sexy geeks in cyberspace! Visit the land of Tochina, the sex-crazed post-WWII Japanese city that is the setting for Anime Noir, the online role playing game cum chatroom. In this world, players can choose avatars that range from sexy scientists and detectives to gender-bending male geishas, and species-bending cat-girls. As characters move through the game, they are encouraged to interact with each other using a customized Action Palette with a selection of sexual acts, such as "Soft Kiss," "Vampire Kiss," "Spank," and "Penetrate." Actions coupled with a selection of body parts allows players to proposition each other in easy one-handed controls, leaving the other hand free for…

For a different kind of thrill, I suppose...

The game is more a work-in-progress, where those interested can purchase the game, host in on their servers and create web-based communities where sleeping one's way to success is more the requirement than the option. And the pleasure potential comes at a paltry price of only US$39.00!!


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