A Blur

Earlier today, I read a news article announcing the guilty verdict slapped on Joseph Estrada. I felt sad, strangely. I didn't want him to be president, but then I didn't want him to suffer a life sentence either. Such a fate isn't something I'd wish on anyone.

Despite the sadness, I felt more confused. This is supposed to be a triumph of justice, right? But it seems that the verdict raises more questions than give the system, much less the people, a huge pat on the back. There appears to be a conviction that supports political maneouvering, a spice that's been used too often that the resulting dishes have begun to taste the same. So given that this is the first time the country has convicted someone like Estrada, I can only say, "Oh, okay. And then what?"

It could be that I am a creature of ignorance who chose, a long time ago, to stop updating myself with what's happening in the Philippine political arena. Ask me about the significant events in government that rocked the nation in the past three or four years and I'd be hard-pressed for an answer. I chose to be ignorant, the same way that perhaps a lot of other Filipinos have chosen to be ignorant, because the scene is just too strenuous to watch, a Gordian knot that refuses to be undone.

So news like this registers in my mind as a blur, and my idealism has reached a point where it refuses to sift through the morass of issues--who's right and who's wrong, who did what to whom and why, or whether the statistics of "economic improvement" are true or not. Because if I did, I might reach a point where I'd relinquish my citizenship and go somewhere with less bureaucratic headache.

I'd rather focus on what's positive and enriching. Why spoil my love of country with negativity?


RachelCrz said…
When Erap was convicted, I thought "Malas nya." Graft and corruption has become so systemic to the political environment that I doubt if there was a president who didn't enrich him/herself in his/her term in office. It's just probably a case of Erap angering others strong enough to pose revenge with this conviction.
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