New Guinea Pig

Paolo Manalo has this picture of the curtain call of last night's dress tech-slash-preview of the Zaturnnah musical. If I'm not mistaken, that red-haired woman on the right side is our fearless heroine, while the girl in the green wig is Wilma Doesnt as Dina B. I wasn't able to go because of work, but my co-workers and I are making sure we get to watch tonight.

Paolo said that the running time was around 2 and a half hours. The artistic director of Tanghalang Pilipino clocked it at three. Ideally, it should be a bit tighter, but Tuxqs Rutaquio gushed in a text message about the audience's rip-roaringly positive feedback.

And, yes, almost half of the shows have been fully booked even before the run has started.

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Right now, I don't know what to feel. I had vowed to myself that I'd remove myself emotionally from this whole deal. I guess only Alan Moore can do that, for right now my hands are a bit cold, layered by this light, suspended feeling. I wonder how Mars Ravelo felt when Darna flew into the big screen for the very first time...

As with any adaptation, there are those who will favor the results and there are those who won't. When I watched the rehearsals, I must admit that I was surprised by the way some of the characters were portrayed. But that's just the cerebral nitpicker in me. Like I said, I'm very very very very happy with the results overall. Independent comics creators generally make comics they'd want to read themselves, and Zaturnnah was no exception in my case. In my opinion, Tanghalang Pilipino succeeded in putting together a production I'd want to watch.

Now I have to get a buzzcut and, after much cajoling from my co-workers, a spiffy new shirt. Someone told me that I would be called onstage during curtain call, though I don't want to think about that right now. There's really so much to be thankful for, and I hope that more of our new comics creators would get a chance at this. Mixed emotions, I can tell you that. I feel like a guinea pig, but I'm grateful for this lab test.


Luis K. said…
The show started on time, at 8pm, and when it ended I checked my watch, which to my surprise read 11pm. So yes, give or take a 10-minute intermission, it was 3 hours, but it really didn't feel like 3 hours. :) If something must be cut, maybe one or two of the slower song numbers near the end... But, the whole thing works, very well, as it is. You're luckier than Alan Moore, in that respect. ;)
Anonymous said…
Luis...yes, I agree that Arnold's Dodong lost a few IQ points. Hehehehe. What's interesting is that Lauren's attack is a bit different, they say.
Anonymous said…
If it didn't feel like 3 hours, then all the better! :-)
Ner P said…
wow! ang layo na talaga ng narating ni zsa zsa. congrats sa iyo idol!

p.s kelan kaya mapapanood ng mga artist na tulad ko ang musical ng libre, he he he
Anonymous said…

i wasn't disappointed at all! it was uber fun! ang galing! Didi (Ricci) was the highlight of the show! i love Tuqxs. he's so cute! :) Eula was actually funny. i can't believe she could pull that off("babaeng bading") and Arnold... aiii! he's DELISYUS din naman. hahaha.

my fave part was ZsaZsa's battle sequence against Queen Femina (with the jelly legs and all) and the part where Didi was "almost" dying. sad sad sad. i got a little carried away with the crying scene. and the songs are actually GOOOOOD!

i enjoyed it talaga although there are still minor glitches. pero all in all we enjoyed it!

i was looking for you. hahaha! wala ka pala.

Goodluck for the pilot show tonight! :)

midicrux said…
Congratulations on opening night, Carlo! Well done! 'Wish I were there to see it.
Anonymous said…
Ner...Hay, kung marami akong extra'y nai-raffle ko na sa inyo. :-(

Zee...bakit hindi kita nakikita? I was there Saturday night.

midicrux... zalamat. :-)
Anonymous said…
i was there thursday. sa Technical Dress Rehearsal.


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