Monday, October 08, 2012

(Not a Few) Life Lessons

  • Understand that you are responsible for your happiness.
  • With every bit of money you receive, set a portion aside for your future, then feel free to spend the rest.
  • Build your bank account.
  • Understand that money will not make you happy. It just makes things a little easier.
  • Learn about investing. Build an investment account.
  • As much as possible, rely on no one but yourself.
  • Finish what you start.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • Allow yourself to be silly. Laugh at yourself.
  • Spend at least five minutes a day doing nothing, just breathing. Meditate.
  • When everyone posts happy status updates, it doesn't mean you're a loser.
  • Learn about the ins and outs of government services--taxes, social security, health care.
  • Learn about starting a business. Start one, a small one. Nothing too fancy. Freelancing on the side will do.
  • Do charitable things.
  • Refuse help, but not because of pride.
  • Keep a bit of pride, but keep your feet on the ground.
  • Learn about contracts--getting into them, and getting out of them.
  • Get insurance.
  • Have faith.
  • Have your own signature dish. One that you're happy to make on special occasions.
  • Daydream.
  • Have a dream. One that you can act on.
  • Exercise your imagination in crazy ways.
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • Travel by yourself.
  • Learn how to fix things around the house.
  • Connect, but connect with sincerity. Touch base with friends. Network.
  • Join a social club or special interest group.
  • Learn a new word everyday. Use it.
  • Be an expert at something.
  • When depressed, welcome it. Talk it through. Then get out as quickly as possible.
  • When you have a problem, think of the solution as an outsider.
  • Exercise prudence, but not too much that it becomes worry.
  • Find sources of humor. The kind of humor that makes you laugh like you were possessed.
  • Start a journal. Daily, weekly, or monthly, doesn't matter.
  • Choose an art form to enjoy and support.
  • Adopt a health regimen and healthy habits.
  • Try recklessness. With responsibility.
  • Experiment. Explore. Scour what's available, to find out where your heart rests. Find out exactly the areas where you want to invest your productive time.
  • Live. Love. Show compassion. Be fearless. Get hurt. Heal wounds. Repeat.


Anonymous said...

love it! i think ill start doing some of the things on this list! by the way, i'm a fan!

khalidove said...
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Solo Villanda said...

Very well said. I'd better pick some of the items on the list and live with it.


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