Redesigning the Philippine Peso

Interesting. In the website, Richard Giedroyc of World Coin News reports that the Philippines may just change the design of its currency. This reminds me of that campaign years ago to redesign the American dollar, resulting in some really fabulous ideas.

(See other U.S. dollar ideas in the Dollar ReDe$sign Project.)

Since my brain wasn't working at the office, I decided to give the whole currency redesign thing a quick and rough whisk. Here's what I came up with--a still quite conservative take on our 20-peso bill. (click on the image to enlarge)

Or a "what-if" 2000-peso bill. (click on the image to enlarge)

Why don't you have a go at it? Whether you're a designer or not, see where your imagination takes you. I can imagine some of you doing something really breathtaking, while some might go the satirical route. (Can you design a bill made out of smoke?)

When you're done, do share!


Mopz said…
PANALO YUNG UNA! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT! I would like to see our currency changed to that.

Yung touch ng pagka modern hindi masyado prevalent tapos you can still see na para siyang evolution talaga nung pera natin ngayon. Can't imagine kung drawn pa ang ginamit mong picture ni Manuel Quezon diyan sa mock up mo, tiyak tumpak na sana.

Seriously Sir CarVer, napatili ang utak ko sa design mo talaga. *nods* APRUB! Try niyo ipasa sa Bangko Central! :D
I love your concept of the 20 peso bill! The 100 peso one is a classic, they (BSP) should consider bringing back the 2-peso paper bill (remember that blue money?)

Good job!
Traveliztera said…
i love the 20 peso bill too. :D if this gets through, wow, we'll have one of those beautiful bills ever.
sineasta said…
ang sosyal ng dating! i like the 2k bill. reminds me of the 1 peso bill (o 2 pesos ba 'yun?). sana ibalik nga si rizal sa bills!
Carver said…
Wow...thanks for the kind feedback. Na-inspire lang talaga ago sa news report. It would really be cool to have a nationwide contest in case the government does decide to change our currency design.

Yeah, Rizal on a paper bill needs a comeback!
Unknown said…
love the 20peso bill!

if there is a "whatif" 2000 peso bill, ilagay mo kaya si zsazsa!

yung french francs meron "the little prince" dati, why not zsazsa?

Anonymous said…
Mukang Stub ng fastfood chain yung 20 peso bill
Carver said…
Stella... Siyempre, looking at it right now, mukha siyang play money.

Anonymous... Ahahaha! Nakakatawa 'yun. :-D
Jhassper said…
dapat ginawaan mo na rin ung likod ng pera para maganda...
Anonymous said…
Wow, ang ganda naman na concept na ito... I love it!

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