Check this out.

Addendum: It looks like Manix Abrera (Kikomachine) and I are third cousins. My sister texted me, saying that Manix's grandfather and my grandmother are first cousins. Sabi nga ni Manix, " ...nabanggit na ni lolo sa akin na related nga daw tayo haha."

It's a small, small world.


Evan said…
LOL@"You go girl?"

It raises issues on sexuality (is Ada gay/transsexual), but whatever.
Planet Markus said…
I was only expecting Zsa-zsa but was surprised to see the Pinoy Batman on the list as well. Heheheh... Who doesn’t miss Rene Requestas? :D
Carver said…
evan... Yup, she goes! :)

planet markus... Rene Requiestas is simply indelible. :)

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