Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two Detective Comics

Now here's some news that's begun to circulate.

Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo are set to release their Pinoy paranormal detective comics Trese in about a couple of weeks. Trese started as an online series that can be read for free, and now Visual Print Enterprises has picked up the publishing rights. According to Budjette, the first compilation will contain the first four issues. Two more books will follow in the coming months.

For the kiddies, two-time National Book Award Winner Arnold Arre teams up with Cast scribe Jaime Bautista for Private Iris, which features the sleuthing adventures of two kids Iris and Danton. One of the major selling points of this book? The official website says, "Every issue of Private Iris ... teaches kids money saving tips, interesting science trivia, fun do-it-yourself projects and imparts the proper values." Not surprising, since it appears that Pioneer Insurance is backing up the project along with Blue Cow, a group which promotes revolutionary business thinking.

Since I'm in promotional mode: Gerry Alanguilan's Timawa continues its run in Buzz magazine, while Gilbert Monsanto was recently featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

More doughnuts! :-)

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