Monday, December 10, 2007

Practicing Drawing

Sometimes I'd check out my previous works and wonder, "How the hell did I do that?" I guess practice not only makes perfect--it makes consistent.

For the past few posts, I've been doing mostly pinups, but then that's different from rendering a situational, much more a set of sequential pages. I have to slowly bring myself back into full drawing mode if I'm to be satisfied with any major comics project I'm going to do.

Click the image to enlarge. Doing this image was fun, though took longer than I had hoped. I've been visiting Digital Webbing of late, and posting some stuff on the boards for a light bashing on the head. Of course, some critique has to be taken with a grain of salt, but others are worth considering, especially when I get hit with comments about my lack of coloring skills.

Anyway, I hope you like this piece. Those in the know, constructive feedback would be nice. Thanks.


Ed said...

I think you did great dito, Carl. I like it! Tama ang build ni Wolvy; short and bulky.

Sayang di lahat kita sa katawan ni White Queen (?), gusto ko pa naman drawings mo ng mga babae.

*2 thumbs up!*


Anonymous said...

Is that a cameltoe I see? Great job, Carl!

Angelo said...


me! said...

Hi it's me!!

I like it.... Not only the bulge on the middle ha... Like I said on my previous post, your drawings seems so alive even if it's colorless..
But the bulge is Mighty Daks!!

Anonymous said...

This is Good! I like the renderings...keep it up!!

midicrux said...

Whoo! I never thought Wolverine could be so "woolly"!

A Happy Christmas to you and your kin!



Anonymous said...


What sort of drawing drills do you do to sharpen that skill ? sa GRAPHIC CLASSICS ba gumagamit ka ng mga Zipatone/Letratone, since B&W naman ito ? ano ang recent assignment mo sa Graphic Classics ?


Studio Boom said...

This is the nice clean "Adam Hughes only better" style I remember way back circa Flashpoint. And ditto on the White Queen needing to be seen more, because you draw some of the the sexiest female bods I've seen. Was this digitally inked?

Carver said...

ed... thanks much. :) Mukhang may demand for an Emma drawing. Masubukan nga in the future.

mark... yun ba ang tawag dun? "Cameltoe?" :-) Salamat, paré.

Angelo... kitakits soon!

me!... heheheh... maraming naloloka kay Wolvie sa comics. I guess I needed to add a new dimension to

anonymous... thanks much. :)

midicrux... thanks dear. Hop all is well with you. :)

Auggie... Warm-ups mostly. Sketching, doing curved lines and straight lines repeatedly, adjusting my grip from time to time, then there's an occasional anatomical and perspective check froom references. Kahit anong medium pupuede sa Graphic Classics, as long as maganda ang reproduction in black and white. I'm doing something medyo dark ang theme. Have to get to that ASAP.

studioboom... "Adam Hughes only better"??? Awwww. *blush* It was manually inked, using good ol' sign pens. :)

pat said...

i'm not in the know pero i know that wolverine's bakat is nicely done. and more of emma frost would be nice. and how about the two of them getting it on?

Carver said...

pat... left to the imagination

palmatayona said...

hmmm... regarding "cameltoe". isn't it a term one says kapag "bakat ang vagina" sa pantalon or shorts?

hmmm... wolverine having a cameltoe? hmmm, he had a sex re-assignment? hehehe

just a friendly jab. :-)

merry christmas carver!


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