Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun with the Camera

The opportunity to play "fashion model" at work sometimes lands on our lap. Yesterday was special because it was our annual "class picture," where the Real Living staff glams up a few notches, and does crazy stuff in front of the camera, complete with lights and backdrop. It's primarily for documentation, really, but who says we can't jazz it up a bit? Ika nga nila, pang-professional. Parang pina-salon. The results are great for Friendster.

Thing was, I found myself investing in a formal outfit. Steep price, but pretty much worth it considering it looked good on me. Plus, having another option apart from the usual Barong Tagalog was much welcome.

In this photo taken by Ocs Alvarez, I asked editorial assistant Kathleen Valle to tug at my tie, just for fun. And Kath, who's quickly getting used to the magazine life, took the challenge like a pro. The picture came out pretty good, I believe.


Mark said...

pashon na pashon! nice pic, carl. :-)

Carver said...

mark... paré, bihira lang mangyari 'yan! :-)

Reia said...

labet bro!!!!!

Angelo said...

hume-het... hehehe. mwah!


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