Saturday, December 01, 2007

Comics Column?

In the major dailies and magazines, you'll find regular columns and articles about movies, theater, the art scene, food, books, etc.

Why isn't there a regular column for Filipino comics? Is it because we don't have enough to report about? Are there not enough projects, news, insights, and debates about local comics that can fill up a weekly installment?

Even if we had enough material, would a publication bite the idea?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there should be one. I remember the legendary WARREN publications, have one. THE COMIC BOOKS, by JOE BRANCATELLI. It was a sort of a cerebral take on what's happening in the comics industry in the US. And he wasn't afraid to diss, even the host publication itself. I guess owner/publisher JIM WARREN, gave him Carte Blanche on anything to write about, including critizing Warren Mags.


Randy P. Valiente said...

Actually nag-propose ako nito sa Liwayway magasin 2 years ago, kahit half page lang...hindi ako pinansin hehehe.


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