Perfect Strangers

I was a television junkie in my youth. I had no choice--television provided the "best" free entertainment there was. About the only show back then that endured is Eat Bulaga, and it's still consistently strong in the ratings game.

When I look at the current ratings lists, I see shows I've never heard of--1 vs. 100, Tok! Tok! Tok!, XXX, Impostora, among others. And when I pick up a recent issue of a showbiz magazine, I can't figure out the new, mostly youngish, faces. Everything I know to date is largely because of the news, or the stuff I read on a rare forum visit. Still, they're pretty much perfect strangers.

I managed to see a bit of Lastikman during a coffee break from work. The cafe had a television, and Vhong Navarro was strutting his elastic stuff as I sipped my cup of brewed. I watched attentively as he did his acrobatic darndest in a fight scene with this alien scum who had tornado powers... pretty okay. Then after he gets zapped, the show segues to a hi-tech control room scene, bathed in red, with Gloria Romero swathed in two tons worth of fabric. Looked good.

Tonton Gutierrez, looking as intense as he was on Darna, goes off to a chamber to speak to Dawn Zulueta. He places an acrylic collar around his neck, points to a similar gadget close to Dawn, and says something like, "Isuot mo 'yan para magkaintindihan tayo."

Dawn wears the gadget, then says, "Alam mo ang wika namin?" To which the waiter of the cafe remarks, "Eh, nagkaintindihan na nga kayo kahit 'di mo isuot 'yan."


I checked out You Tube tonight for snippets of the new "metal hero-vela" Zaido, out of curiosity. (What's next, the "Pinoy mecha-vela?") It's trouncing ABS-CBN's Lastikman on the charts, so I wanted to see how it went.

Of course, I never knew that the character Ida was actually a man. I guess Channel 13 back then didn't want kids to be too confused. Paolo Ballesteros appeared to be hamming it up a bit in his portrayal--the original Japanese actor had much more regal flair despite the disco ball headdress. From the bits I've seen, the pacing's slow, and still-gorgeous Dennis Trillo didn't seem to be into it.

(Speaking of Dennis Trillo, he's the featured celeb in the latest issue of Men's Health. So any fans out there might want to get a copy to drool over.)

Overall, there's nothing much I can use to issue objective comments about these two shows, or most other shows for that matter since I don't have a television. They're still strangers to me, and I don't know if I'll be able to get to know them before they reach their last episode.

I guess the question is: do we have television shows that are worth getting on DVD?


haaaay, 'kala ko 'yung "perfect strangers" na palabas n'un sa t.v....

remember "Cousin Larry Appleton" and "Balki Bartokomus"?

remember "standing tall...on the wings of my rise and fall...on the wings of my dreams..."? (si david pomeranz pala kumanta n'un!)

gosh, how i really miss that show!
Carver said…
Hahahah! Deceptive ba title? :-) Oo nga, parati kong napapanood si Larry and Balki, pero namulok ang show nung nagpakasal na sila sa mga jowa nila.

Ginagaya ko pa no'n ang Dance of Joy... :-)

Kay David Pomeranz pala 'yung title song.

Favorite ko noon 'yung John 'n Marsha at Duplex, pati Kaluskos Musmos...
Unknown said…
I used to watch perfect strangers in grade 1 and i would cry over balki (first crush ko kasi) Don't tell tobie. Haha.
Carver said…
raine... hehehe... okee. :)
Anonymous said…
zaido's more visually entertaining. atchaka mas okay panoorin yung bakat ni dennis trillo kesa kay vhong navarro.
Carver said…
pat... Hahahahah! Bakat pangkalawakan!

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