Friday, October 05, 2007


On average, I get solicited for 1 or 2 interviews a month. It's really flattering, knowing that there are a few folks out there who feel I have something important to say.

I think, however, I ought to create a separate blog/website for the most common questions-- particularly concerning background information. Something like an online "press kit." I don't know if it's a proper thing to do since it kills spontaneity, but I think having background information readily available can save interview time, allowing the proceedings to jump immediately to the more cerebral concerns.

The last interview I had was with a student who was doing a semiotic reading of the Zaturnnah book. Towards the end of the session, he asked, "What was the weirdest question you ever gotd?"

I don't recall a particular question, but I do remember a particular incident. Without naming names or circumstances here, Interviewer asked me, "What's the book about?"

I said, "It's about a homosexual who becomes a superhero."

Interviewer: "So are you gay?"

I answered, "Yes."

Interviewer then paused, poker-faced, and just stared at me for about ten seconds. The Interviewer's head bobbed slowly, and it appeared that this Interviewer's mind drew a momentary blank, like I gave an answer that was totally unexpected. From my standpoint, Interviewer seemed to be mentally scraping for a follow-up.

Growing uncomfortable, I took a sip of water. A new question finally came up, and the rest of the interview went along smoothly.

But it was one of the longest ten seconds of my life.


Teresa said...

Yikes, I must have committed some blunders of my own when I was interviewing you, hahaha!

Hope you're doing well. :)

balbona said...

Hitit ng hangin!

you're GAY!!!!


Ed said...

Ba't ba may mga nagi-interview na di muna nagreresearch about the interviewee before firing questions? Hehehe.

Johnny! WTF? :P


vincedejesus said...

Sana sinabi mo:

"Mr. Interviewer, hindi lang po ako bading. Ako si... (removing your mask) ZATURNNAH!!!"

Carver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carver said...


Well, it was just a weird moment, but the overall interview went well.

teresa... you did well, dear. Hope you're a-okay, too. :-)

balbona... saan? kelan? PAANO? :-)

ed... oh, I don't know. Deadlines?

vince... kasya ang bumabahang buhok sa loob ng maskara! :-)

me! said...

anong bang maka-pigil hininga sa pagiging Gay?? Issue pa ba yun ngaun??

Like Duh!!...


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