Monday, October 15, 2007

Down the Drain

I lost P300 two Fridays ago.

It shouldn't have happened. I did the necessary steps--dialled 1510 plus the PIN stamped on the card. However, the voice prompt said, "The amount has been loaded," instead of "You have successfully loaded P300."

So I tried again, and got the same message. I checked the credit balance. Nada. I checked ten minutes later. Nada still. My heart then started to race from frustration.

I called a friend who worked at the telco and asked for a remedy. Friend said to call *888. I did, and was met by another prompt, "All lines are busy now."

I attempted to get through *888 almost everyday, during business and off hours, and the insensitive voice prompt was working overtime. Either the telco didn't have enough customer service reps, or getting complaints 24/7 was all in every day's work.

Paranoia got the best of me, and I resorted to a couple of e-loads before mustering enough bravery to buy a new cellcard. Thankfully, the new card worked.

But after a week I've accepted that my P300 has been unjustly added to another's coffers. I wonder how many out there have experienced the same thing. I'm not changing telcos for this, though. I've been served well for so many years.


nida said...

hi carl! alam ko if you still have your prepaid card, pwede mong ireport sa kanila yun kasi pwede naman nilang i-trace eh. wag kang sumuko!

Earl223 said...

Yo bro,

That happened to me a number of times! Usually at the grocery, they give you the one printed on a piece of paper like receipt. They give it with your change tapos while leaving i would always think that it was the grocery receipt and throw it away. That was worth about Php500. And another time, stupidity sets in, i bought Php1000 worth of cards and LEFT them on the counter! =( I'm getting too old na siguro. =p

pat said...

tip lang, everytime u buy a prepaid card, don't leave the vendor unless you're sure you've loaded already.

i was going to suggest a switch but then you said u've been served well for years. so yeah, stick with them. that happens to globe din naman. may mga madudugas ding globe subscribers.

Reia said...

bro.. you might like to keep on trying. nida's right, pwede pang i-trace yan :-) just need to find out kung may deadline or what.

Anonymous said...


Did you ever wonder, ang galing ng naka-imbento nitong technology na ito, talo pa ang drugs sa daily fix eh...whether you like it or not, you have to fork over your moolah, to get your high for the day. At hagip lahat , ABCD & E market ! milyon -milyong datung iyan sa mga telecom companies. No wonder din , hindi sila umaangal pag pinapasabog ng NPA ang mga cell sites nila, dahil chicken feed lang sa kanila ito. Now I understand why STEPHEN KING doesn't own a cell phone.


Carver said...

Salamat sa mga suggestions ninyo. :-) Siguro at this point, may "moral of the lesson" ang pangyayaring ito para sa akin.

earl223... miss you, bro!

pat... that's a great suggestion! Pero paano kung sinabi nila na "magintay lang kayo, papasok din 'yan," pero nagmamadali ako?

ate... musta na? :-)

auggie... nakups, parang conspiracy theory. Pero totoo 'yan. It all adds up. :)


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