Saturday, September 08, 2007

Strange Space

I agree. Too much space has been devoted to that new diario nobela serialized in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Created by Carlo J. Caparas and Arnel A. Avetria, "To Have and To Hold" is a simple tale so far, that I wonder why the PDI would allot nearly half of a page's precious real estate six days a week for the strip. (According to PDI Classifieds, a half page black and white ad placement will shave off almost P60,000 from your budget. That's a helluva lot of money.)

Shrinking the strip by 50% its size isn't going to hurt whatever storytelling impact it has, and the PDI could retain the variety of the comics page without having to bump off anybody. (I heard that seven strips had to give way.) I hope this is all temporary, that maybe the PDI is doing this "IMAX' treatment now to generate some kind of buzz and heighten the strip's visibility, only to reduce the size later on.

So far, however, "To Have and To Hold" needs to get more interesting, quickly. So much one could do with half-a-page.


Reia said...

I don't like it. Period. Waste of space to me. It's not 'the funnies' anymore.

Carver said...

hello Ate. :)

Chompy said...

The Artists Den (with me) met last Friday at Starbucks Shang. Just for curiosity, we took a look at the current comics page of PDI and lo and behold! There it was! Our eyes almost got blinded with how big it was, and how humongous the font size was.

We were joking about how even if I was three-four feet away, holding the page up, the others could still read it. :D

Carver said...

chompy... 'Di ba parang billboard?! :)

Anonymous said...

let them know how you feel. email mo sila sa


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