Male-Form Superiority?

Now this didn't come from me, but I'd like to get your opinion based on your experience...

A number of women I've talked to have observed that men prefer their partners to be "less intelligent," stemming from the supposedly natural male need to exercise more control/authority/dominance in a relationship. It doesn't mean that women ought to literally dumb themselves down in order to keep a mate, or withhold making statements that would zap IQ points from the guy, but more like to impress upon the guy that, well... he's the guy.

You could look at it this way. Men = brains = decision making. Women = heart = nurturing and supporting. And, when in a relationship, women aren't supposed to cross into the province that traditionally belongs to men.

What do you think? (Homosexuals can answer as well.)


Mia said…
(Hi, random passer-by, but thought I'd comment :))

It's true that a lot of guys would want to be the "smarter" one in the relationship. It's something I find really irritating, but I can't really do anything about it.

I don't believe in the division of uh territory in that women are heart people and men are brain people. If ever there is a natural predisposition for women to be more emotional and men to be more intellectual, I think upbringing, environment, and the experience of growing up are more significant. In my experience, I'm a female, but I'm more of a brain person than a heart person; my EQ is much lower than my boyfriends (haha).

I'm just glad that times are changing and more and more guys are open to the idea of their partner being smarter than them.
Tobie said…

Will watch this for more answers.

One thing I've noticed.
Most guys I've met are IDIOTS.
Many girls I've known can be HEARTLESS AND CRUEL.

So I think it goes both ways.

While Men might want to be smarter, a majority tend to... well, fail.

And while Women are expected to have much more Heart, a majority too equally think just being emotional means having it.
Yang said…
A very smart woman has the heart and the capacity to know how to 'deliver' herself in a way that will make her man look smarter than she is.
midicrux said…
I feel sorry for the heterosexual man who doesn't get turned on when his female partner makes a powerful, intelligent statement. Or several.

I was once told that "talk is sexy"; it really is--otherwise, why would talk be synonymous to "intercourse"?

m :))
while most, if not all, generalizations are flawed, i believe there can be some basis for this particular one.

it's a good topic for some nice conversation, or friendly banter -- but if you really want to get to the core of the matter, I guess you'd end up saying "case-to-case basis."
maria said…
When in a relationship, women aren't supposed to cross into the province that traditionally belongs to men. - WHY? Is there really a line to cross?

I have noticed that male need to exercise control/authority/dominance in a relationship. But I think women does this too, sometimes. Maybe just not as obvious.

A brain and a heart should go hand in hand for what's the use of having them if we're not going to use 'em?
Carver said…
Thanks, everyone, for answering!

So to men, a woman perceived as being 'smarter' than them isn't really a threat?
Unknown said…
I don't care if they're dumb or smart. Basta guwapo, carry na! Ahahahaha! ;-)

Seriously, I'm not going to play dumb with any guy. I'm 34 years old, for Pete's sake.

Also, it's extremely hard to play dumb. To quote my friend Karen, regarding a particular Filipino male actor we know: "He can act vacant and stupid! He is a thespian genius!" :))

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