Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The most popular section of Real Living magazine has undoubtedly been Real Makeover. If you're familiar with all those makeover reality shows on television, well, the magazine does those every month. While the scale of the transformations is not as glaringly dramatic as those of, say, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the results have been enough to get people to write in with their 'before' photos and bearing hope that they'll get picked.

September is a special month for our Makeover program, because it is during this month that the Ultimate Makeover takes centerstage--it's the biggest makeover of the year. This year's lucky winner earned an astounding upgrade thanks to the adventurous efforts of design consultant Gwyn. Seeing the original space was a downer, honestly, but I was all agog when we went back for the article photo shoot. You know how all those makeover winners would shriek excitedly upon seeing the finished product supposedly for the first time, and everyone would moan "Oh, my Gawd!"? That was what I wanted to do--shriek. With Shriek 2 and Shriek the Third, too.

The Ultimate Makeover covered the small living area, kitchen and toilet/bath, with new furniture and accessories (some of which I'd want for myself), all costing less than one standard-sized high-end plasma TV.

If you want to read about this fantastic transformation, as well as other budget-friendly makeover tips and tricks you can do in your own living space, get a copy of Real Living's September issue. (Or get one for your mom, or your wife, or your girlfriend, or your gay friend).


kaput said...

the pics speak for themselves. if i were the receiver of such a grand upgrade, i think i'd do more than just shriek (and shriek 2 and 3, lmao). :D

Angelo said...

Help (please)!

Uhm, ehm, ehrm, sir, can Real Living do a makeover of my room? Ah, I have a lot of books that are kept in plastic crates because they quickly accumulate dust when I bring them out.

I also have several magazines which I collect but are also kept in plastic to avoid the dust.

And then I have a couple of artworks (Geraldine Javier, Mariano Ching, Jonathan Olazo) which I still haven't hung because my room needs painting and I don't know what's good to use for mounting the frames on the wall. I hope you can help me, sir. I really want to experience having a "Real Living" feel.

By the way, I could also use a new bed.

Carver said...

kaput... sabay tambling pa. :)

angelo!!! Kita tayo soon. :)

decorator said...

thanks carl...

Rachelle said...


Thanks for the post!
Please tell your friend Angelo that he has excellent taste in art, I really admire all the artists he mentioned! (Tsaka cute si Jonathan Olazo) :)
He can try joining Real Makeover promo next year. Mga March or April yun i-po-post ni Mel. :)


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