Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I woke up this morning and saw a new text message on my phone. A television program wanted my number to seal my commitment to guest on a talk show. When I got to work, there was an email message littered with phone numbers, with the request that I make a call.

I've only been on live television twice. The first was when I was 11 years old, on June Keithly's The Children's Hour. (I joined a storytelling contest sponsored by the late Vita Soymilk). The second was in the late-90s, when the New Voice Company did a production number on GMA Supershow to promote our show I Want To Make Magic. (We did a dance number.) Appearing live on television doesn't appeal to me that much because there's no prep, no rehearsal, and whatever comes out of your mouth can't be taken back. Not that I'm prone to saying anything controversial, but when caught off-guard I can look pretty stupid.

The topic of the talk show would be about comics. That was according to the nice lady I spoke to over the phone tonight. Unfortunately, the show takes place later this week and I've got a major deadline at work. So it's most probably going to be a negative. Still, I asked who else would be on the show, and Nice Lady named a few names, all of whom were veterans.

"But I just came into the scene a few years ago," I said.

She said that my not being a veteran was not an issue, since I was already "popular."

My mind went blank, but a little sidebar thought asked, "how do you define popular?"

As sidebar thought went on a philosophical ramble about the nature of popularity, I told Nice Lady that my work schedule wouldn't allow me to be a guest, but I would keep her posted. I do know of three people who would be better guests on that show: this guy, this guy, and this guy.


Jheck David said...

awww, carl! go for it! you got something to say naman, eh. let your words be heard, i say.


decorator said...

hay naku carl, hindi ka popular...

icon ka lang!


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