Monday, August 20, 2007


I never got to read Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel, but thanks to my boss, I was able to watch the adaptation. Persepolis won the Jury Prize of the recently-concluded Cinemanila International Film Festival. And this France-USA animated co-production is in French. Coolness.

With Satrapi co-writing and co-directing, there should be no doubt as to how faithful the adaptation is. The art style is similar, but I don't know how much involvement Satrapi had in the animation style, which had a whimsical air about it, intensifying the gravity of the presented themes.

Though I was totally unprepared for the last few seconds of Persepolis, the film was top-notch overall. If ever this gets into the Oscar list, then I have to reconsider and place Ratatouille in second place. Not only did Persepolis make me laugh and cry and think, it somehow suggested me that my life needed a little more adventure.


midicrux said...

Come visit Hong Kong, Carl! Long overdue, this visit!

mida :)

Carver said...

MIDA!!! Long long long long long...ang long talaga! :(

Elbert said...

I loved Persepolis too! I loved the string puppet-style animation they used during Marji's father's history lessons. :)

poni said...

yes, adventure para makagawa ka rin ng autobiographical work! heheh. i saw persepolis too, and i think it's great that she produced this (i assume it's based on her actual life?) after all that had happened to her and her country.

Carver said...

elbert... nakuha mo ba yung email ko? :-)

poni! Hello hello! Yes, Persepolis is autobiographical. Kakatuwang panoorin ang childhood niya... andaming anecdotes.


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