Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Transvestites... oops, Transformers pala

For the longest time, whenever I'd remember the Transformers, I'd sing "The Transvestites, more than meets the eye"...

Anyway, after buying a birthday gift for my nephew (Happy Birthday, Diego!), I rushed to the Podium to catch the Autobots. The show was at 9:30pm and I arrived 10 minutes late. The tickets were almost sold out--there were three left. Luckily, a prime spot was left unfilled, smack at the upper center of audience area.

I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Bay's latest boom-fest, and it was thrilling to see the computer-generated effects merge almost seamlessly with the live-action shots. The whole film looked very, very expensive given the level of property damage, digital or otherwise.

The cinematography was top notch. I liked how a lot of the action sequences were shot from a worm's eye view. And the warzone treatment worked well, from the shifty camera shots to the tight edits, placing the viewer right smack in the action.

And the vehicles! I'm not a motor fan by any means, but when all those vehicles "rolled out," I wanted to jump from my seat and squeal from the sheer coolness of it all. Yes, squealing and coolness aren't exactly common bedfellows, but that's how it is.

Michael Bay did it right this time. Then again, what can one expect from a director whose bread and butter comes from blowing things up? His last directorial effort, The Island, wasn't one to write home about. So his take on the Transformers should put him back on the upper rungs of the action movie a-list.

The inclusion of human characters was a wise move, now that I've seen the movie. Growing up watching the Transformers cartoons had sealed the notion that no humans were allowed in the milieu. In this case, however, having a central human character (played by current Hollywood "it" boy Shia LaBeouf) gave the movie an emotional (albeit a bit thin) focus, or at least a point where hormone-driven teenage fantasy can express itself. The inclusion of human elements also magnified the urgency of the battle scenes, particularly the climactic tussle in the center of a major city.

Certainly, there were some loose ends, but the intensity of the whole movie more than makes up for them. If you're going into the theater expecting anything less than spectacular, then you may be in for a surprise. For me, the Transformers is truly more than meets the eye.


Rachelle said...

Nakuh Carl! Sold ako sa review mo. Ayan,manonood na ako!

For some perverse reason, my friends and I used to have a crush on Optimus Prime. This non-living creature has more puso than a lot of men I know! Hahahaha!

Jigs said...

Hello! Came from Paolo's Blog. Hehe!

The movie was basically awesome, the whole 2 hours and 20 mnutes was action packed and special effects-ridden.

I also agree with the movie having loose ends but it was forgivable given how awesome the movie was! Haha!

decorator said...

wala akong paki-alam... gusto ko sya!!!!


Reno said...

What? No mention of uber-babe Megan Fox?!?!?! :P


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