Starting From Scratch

2007 started quite oddly for me, though nothing groundbreaking happened. Maybe it's because I didn't feel the holidays come and go, which is bad.

My resolutions for this year are pretty standard fare. I haven't done the regular gym thing in four months, so I've piled on a bit of weight. Just a bit, but enough for a few people, and my pants size, to notice. I started doing a quasi-low carb diet last week, and the effects are making themselves known. After a week of almost-zero rice, pasta and bread, my pants are getting looser.

The downside of this is the woozy feeling in my head. I wouldn't call it being cranky, more like my brain being replaced by a bowling ball. Also, it's tough finding things to eat. I go to the grocery store for the pre-packed salads, then head to KFC for a regular box of Fun Shots. Or, I go to Yoshinoya for its green salad with chicken strips, plus a bowl of chicken udon, though I don't eat the noodles. My greatest discovery, though, is the Dizon Farms fruit shake stand just outside the Galleria supermarket. At only P35 for 16-ounces, your cup gets filled at least half-way with three fruits of your choice, unlike other fruit shake stands that give you only a fourth cup of fruit.


I've got another external comics project coming in, though activity there won't start until later this year. Then there are some sideline projects still going on. They say that the Year of the Pig is good for Dogs, too, so I'm crossing my fingers that luck will stay with me a bit longer.

Work on the next graphic novel is moving at a turtle pace for now--I'm thinking of releasing it piecemeal via the web, so that people will simply log on to read. Since it'll be free, the audience is larger and wider. Apart from that advantage, the pressure on my system is conceivably lesser. It compromises my pro-graphic novel objective, but having a wide reader base is always good. Another possibility right there.


Anonymous said…
hi carl :)

our cardio went through the same no-carbs diet, and it was super effective for her. ang payo niya lang is you really have to take lots and lots of water, as in maya't-maya kasi yun ang madaling mawala when you lack carb.
Anonymous said…
Nida! Kaya pala parati na lang ako nagre-restroom. Akala ko dahil sa pagka-diuretic ng kape. :-)

See you soon!

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