Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Couldn't resist...

A Few Good Men

America's Heroes CalendarA calendar like this could easily have come out of the offices of Playgirl or Instinct to play on fantasies involving men in uniform. But while the strategy is accurate, the brains behind this project have life-saving intentions.

The hunk on the cover of America's Heroes Reconnaissance Marines 2007 calendar is a real soldier, and so are the other featured "models," all taking part in a fund-raiser for Freedom Is Not Free. The non-profit organization seeks to aid soldiers physically or mentally affected by war, as well as their families.

Come to think of it, maybe a local government organization can pick up on this idea and make one featuring our own men in uniform. A team of pro stylists and photogs can pitch in gratis, and the finished product can be sold locally and online. Fund haul guaranteed: there's a global market for images of ripped Pacific Islanders.


Jac said...

Mmmm good idea ;)

Jill said...

So this was what you were looking at the other day! lol.



Reia said...

Great idea bro! I remembered all those yummy-looking policemen who emerged during People Power 3(was this the one that ousted Erap?!) I think, at the Robinson's Galleria. We DO have hunks!
Can't imagine if we get those ones we always see.... beer-bellies galore!!!!!


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