Monday, September 11, 2006

‘Zaturnnah’ diaries
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Published on page G1 of the September 11, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

THESE HECTIC DAYS AND nights, singer-actress Zsazsa Padilla is caught between two make-believe worlds—as the lugubrious has-been diva Rosamia on the ABS-CBN soap opera “Bituing Walang Ningning” and as the eponymous red-haired superheroine in the Regal movie “Zsazsa Zaturnnah.”

She’s wrapping up work on “Bituin,” she tells Inquirer Entertainment.

“We have two more taping days for the grand finale at the Araneta Coliseum,” she says. “I expect that it’ll be as draining as the soap’s launch in Music Museum because we’ll be required to sing and emote … as in cry buckets … at the same time.”

She also has musical numbers in “Zaturnnah,” directed by Joel Lamangan, who gave her a Best Actress trophy for “Ako Legal Wife” in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

“I’ve recorded two songs so far,” she reports.

The road to “Zaturnnah,” another MMFF entry, is paved with all sorts of challenges, she admits.

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As things turned out, the Zaturnnah film will no longer be a superhero comedy film laced with a just a few musical numbers. With about 30 minutes worth of songs, we're talking about an honest-to-goodness superhero musical comedy. Add to that the dramatic and horror elements, then we get a cinematic smorgasbord true to the Regal tradition of variety film-making.

The amazing Vince de Jesus took material from the stage musical and gave it a fresh treatment for the film. I was able to hear the completed songs as well as watch a cut of the film's first sequence--a lengthy opening number complete with choreography--and it's simply surreal. Just as surreal as when I first saw the stage musical back in February. I hope the entire film eventually makes the grade, at least in a commercial sense.

Come December 25, the Zaturnnah movie will lock horns with Enteng Kabisote 3, Shake Rattle and Roll 8 (!), Super Noypi, and six other films. Last I heard, we won't be having two batches of films shown on Christmas Day and the week after. This time, all ten will be unleashed to the metro populace at the same time. Rambulan na ito.


Jac said...

OMG I'm so excited for you! whee! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Rambulan na talaga!

Anonymous said...

Oh God! That must be a thrill watching your work unfold on the big screen!

Ian said...

Whoa, I had no idea that is was going to be a musical like the theatrical version and not its "own" adaption!

I must admit, the fight scenes are what give me the most concern. I guess I have nightmares about Ruffa Mae and Ai Ai's "fight" in 'Super-B'. *shudders*

If in no other segment, this is the one part of the movie that MUST be done right and not the usual "bahala na yan" pinoy mentality that plagues so many productions. That they got some imported talent from Singapore is encouraging. Regal can't afford Yuen Wo-Ping just yet ;)

On the plus side, Zsa Zsa in her costume? No 'skin-suit', it's all her? ROWR!!!

Ganns said...

And Zsa Zsa will crush them all!

Anonymous said...

Carlo... I saw the rough edit na of the fight scenes na. He he he.

In fairness... mukhang super cat-fight talaga! Wala pa ang ang CG double ng mga artista yun ha! Nakita ko rin ang ginagawa ng Ignite na effects... magaling sila ha. Sosi ang look.

I'm so relieved!

Ngayon, binubuno ko ang pag-synch ng boses ko sa labi ni Rustom. Ke hirap!!!

vincedejesus said...

Si vince pala ito. Ako ang nagpost sa earlier message. :)

Rey said...

I just hope the movie will give the justice you put painstakingly in your masterpiece, carlo. We've seen enough many great komiks gems turned sour in the silver screen due to bad directing, bad choreography and budget-constraint.

Crossing fingers.


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