Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I just found out from a friend that Mango Comics' Zach Yonzon got one of the five slots for the third season of 5 Takes, the Discovery Channel reality show. He will join four other travellers from the Asia-Pacific to the United States. Good luck, Zach, and congratulations!!


tobie said...

I feel sad about that. I was also a candidate. Waaah..

Oh well.
Guess God has other plans in store for me.

Jac said...

oo tobie, mami-miss ka ni isha e ;)

Carver said...

tobie...good luck sa lahat ng mga plano mo. HUGS I wish you success, always. :)

isha said...

i've definitely got plans for tobie. *evil panda leers and rubs her hands eagerly.hehehe.


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