Monday, July 31, 2006

The D.I.Y. Issue - Real Living August 2006

Real Living Aug 2006In the August issue of Real Living magazine, you'll discover:

1) Easy ways to clear kids' clutter;

2) How a living and dining area gets a makeover for less than P40,000;

3) The basics of online shopping for home items;

4) Seven ways to doll up a sofa and coffee table, courtesy of each member of the Real Living team;

5) Four fine homes, including that of fashion designer Frederick Peralta;

6) How to add drama to a plain wall with stencils;

And a whole lot more!

This is the second time I've ever tried "styling." The first time was when I temporarily worked in an ad agency and had to help a stylist dress and accessorize a model for a mobile phone print ad. That experience evoked "necessity is the mother of invention," as more than half of me didn't quite know what to do. But the results came out okay, I think. I didn't get any rough feedback.

For our August issue, the assignment was for each of us to choose a decorating theme for the sofa and coffee table, then scour home stores for products. I had four stores as my product sources, with price ranges falling between mid- to upper-end. My favorite piece here is a spherical metal clock (not clear in the picture) from Homebound. It's got a lot of character and has a sci-fi retro feel to it.

The name of my theme is "Working Convertible," or turning the coffee table into a work area.


Angelo said...

nice work, carl. i miss you. let's get together soon. take care. love you. :-)

Carver said...


poni said...

pink na naman? heheh. parang 3 pink heads in a row na ata yun. but it's nice :) hope i get to see you the next i pass by the office!


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