Katas ng Bora

The results of our Boracay and Batangas trip appears in the latest issue of Real Living magazine. The issue features three Bora homes, including the beachfront Elizalde compound where we stayed for two nights, and a hilltop sanctuary overlooking the sea.

The latter home, designed by a German architect, is featured on the cover. See the platform overlooking the sea? It's actually a wall, which can be lowered by a simple pulley system. You'll see more of that in the mag.

A fourth featured home, found in Batangas, is a quirky bahay-na-bato--complete with gigantic bivalves decorating the facade--and is reputedly haunted. We stayed overnight in two small bungalows meant for guests, and my co-workers swore that we weren't the only ones there as the night wore on. The place is lovely and relaxing, though I shiver at the thought of staying another night there.

Boracay, however, is lovely. There's just so much to do and a lot of people to see (if people watching is your thing). I plan to take my vacation leave in July and take a detour there after visiting my grandmother in Palawan. I hope I can fit that into the schedule.


Anonymous said…
you took pictures here? :)
Anonymous said…
anonymous... we had our professional photog do the work. As for personal photos, I'll see which are decent enough to post. Heheheh.

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