My shoulders are burning.

Or, to be more anatomically specific, my upper trapezius muscles. That's the area between the neck and the shoulder caps. They've been burning since the middle of Valentine's Day, when my co-workers and I were out-of-town for a photo shoot. No worries--everyone save the photographer was single and had no need to celebrate.

The shoot took place at a beach and we spent over four hours under the sun. I didn't expect the shoot to last that long, and I hadn't brought my sunblock. So we got back to Manila all red like boiled lobsters. Hurts like hell now, moreso when I sling my shoulder bag. But the shoot went very well and everyone loved the results, which are scheduled to come out in the April issue of Real Living.

I like the idea of going out-of-town every so often, even if it's work-related. The change in environment is invigorating (envigorating?) and allows a new perspective of things, and is highly recommended for those in the creative field. I recall a friend who, once or twice a year, packs his bags and chooses a location anywhere in the country. Then he goes there for at least a week, with no plans for what to do or where to stay. The point is exploration and discovery. It's something I wish I could do someday.

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I got an email from Tanghalang Pilipino. They're seriously considering adding more shows now but they have to check the availability of the cast and crew.

Sold out na daw. All shows. (Unless, of course, there are those privileged few who can network their way in.)

I guess we can call this production a success. Wow. All I can say is, THANK YOU!!!


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