Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tagged for 20 bits about me...

1. I spent one year in Roosevelt College - Marikina for preparatory school. I was moved to Marist School thereafter, and spent my schooling years there until I graduated high school.

2. I had wanted to become a priest, only because I wanted to add spice to the services.

3. One of the first Marvel comic books I ever read was a horror trilogy featuring Man-Thing, Ghost Rider and some red-clad vampire dude. Scared the bejeezus out of me, though I'd read it a few times over. The first comic that got me interested in the medium was an issue of Uncanny X-Men, where Phoenix first appears.

4. I bawled at one Voltes V episode--the death of Mrs. Armstrong.

5. I started drawing when I was four--so my mom claims.

6. At my heaviest, I reached 165 lbs. I am now 145 lbs.

7. in the mid-80s, my sister and I had contemplated joining a dance contest on Eat Bulaga! We practiced from time to time. I think it was Street Beat.

8. My favorite dramatic actress is Maricel Soriano. My favorite Maricel movie is Separada.

9. Five years ago, my hair was orange. It was supposed to be mahogany, but I suppose the hairdresser was color blind.

10. I was held up in Ali Mall-Cubao when I was in sixth grade. The crook was supposed to have taken my watch, but when he saw me shed tears, he fled. The watch was given by my dad. I lost the watch weeks later.

11. I collected the Choose Your Own Adventure series. I was able to collect until the 21st book. They're all gone now. I was penpals with one of the series writers, Edward Packard. Through snail mail, of course.

12. Back in college, I had a personal ad on Buy & Sell. All exchanges were made, again, through snail mail. I've only personally met two guys through that ad. One of them remains to be my friend.

13. I loooove pizza with anchovies.

14. I was an officer of the English Drama Club in high school. For one Christmas presentation to the whole school body, my fellow officers decided to perform a breakdancing showdown. Everyone knew how to breakdance except me. Left with no choice, I joined the presentation. My brother, who was in the audience, disowned me.

15. A day before the high school graduation ceremonies, a straight guy admitted in a letter that he liked me.

16. As a kid, my favorite reading materials were those heavy Encyclopedia International volumes. I'd also memorize the Greek and Roman gods and godesses. My favorite television show was The Shari Show, which featured the sock puppet Lambchop. I'd tape episodes and memorize them.

17. I used to host corporate events, presscons and weddings.

18. I was a member of the CAT model platoon in high school. We competed. I can't recall if we ever won. I was also a member of the junior volleyball varsity team, though I was usually on the benches during competitions.

19. The first multi-page comics I ever made was about two scientists and a germ, done Disney-style. I was in grade school.

20. My motto is, "If you want it enough, you'll find a way."

I'm supposed to tag someone else to fill out the "20 things about yourself." Best that I tag you all!! Hwa hwa hwa!!


Reia said...

" the mid-80s, my sister and I had contemplated joining a dance contest on Eat Bulaga! We practiced from time to time. I think it was Street Beat..."
GASSPPPP!!!!! we...we did? OMG!!! LOL

Gerry Alanguilan said...

I like you Carlo. Well, not in that way, but you're one of my favorite comics people, and not just because you're amazingly talented. And I like anchovies in my pizza too! mmmM! Friday Special!

I consider myself tagged so I'll write something in my blog really soon.


Jonas Diego said...

We're seriously contemplating auditioning as zombies when Tangahalan starts though the vocal cords can use a bit of practice since you mentioned it's going to be a musical.

Time to hit the karaoke circuit again, I guess. :)

Carver said...

Ate...of course we did!!! Or was it "Talking In Your Sleep"? Courtesy of the OctoArts dancers. LOL

Gerry...Nakows! Mutual admiration society ito! Heheheh Friday's Special is my hands-down Shakey's fave, especially with EXTRA anchovies.

Jonas... How high can you sing "mumu"? :-)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Since you're one of many Voltes V fans, I thought you'd like to see this RARE VIDEO CLIP of an original Voltes V TV Advert, which was aired back in the '70s & '80s. Enjoy! (


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