Thursday, October 27, 2005

ERRATUM: The PENUMBRA launch and book signing will be from 3pm to 5pm ... not 6pm.

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Speaking of PENUMBRA, I was in bed tonight recovering from a fever when I decided to read one of David's novellas, Craving. Since I did the cover for that, I might as well read it. (The image shown here is the raw pencils for the cover, which I digitally-colored for the final.)

Craving is classic Hontiveros, the kind of story and style that drew me into his works over a decade ago. It was when we were just beginning to build our friendship, back in 1993, that he lent me his collection of short stories, printed cleanly in dot-matrix glory, and bound squarely in black. I remember being amazed by his works back then; he remains to be an inspiration when I write--or try to write.

Of course, I am in no position to give a sensible or credible critique of any written work, but I did like Craving. Its length is just right for my limited attention-span, and its got enough depth without giving me a headache. It's paced to my liking, with a good-enough build up that made me hold my breath long enough to stay in suspense, but short enough to keep me alive. I must admit that there are some of David's works that fly over my head, prompting me to affectionately scold him over the phone for being so inconsiderate.

So with Craving resting on my shelf, assured that I had fully digested its fine contents, I will move to read the next novella Takod. I'm getting inspired again.


jeff-reiji said...


sayang at d ako naka-attend sa komik-convention... nice blog... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Carlo! i enjoy reading your blog entries. I'm a fan of your drawings! -- Especially ZsaZsa. :)

I hope there's more ZsaZsa adventures comin' up.

by the way, I'm Henson! our block made a Zaturnnah "float" as part of Ateneo's Filipino Dept's 30th anniv. We entered her/him for the Sagala ng mga Sikat.

I was Ada! haha! :p And we won best presentation! :) *yehey*

you can check out our pictures at:

We love ZsaZsa! :) We can't wait for the musical and the future movie! :)


Carver said...

jeff-reiji...Thanks for dropping by! More conventions to come! :-)

sir henson...Zalamat sa zuporta ninyo. :-) And, yes, I saw the pictures before pa--I was silently looking through your blog. Heheheh. It's very flattering that you chose Zaturnnah to be the subject of your float, and it's the amount of love and effort you guys placed in putting the project together is really evident. Congratulations! Speechless ako, in short!


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