Thursday, May 26, 2005

As expected, Carrie Underwood bags the American Idol plum. But for sure, Bo's gonna have an album out sooner than you can say "Vehicle." (In my book, the hottest performance of the season.) Carrot-topped John Stevens already has a CD single, while bouncing George Huff already has a Christmas collection. Diana deGarmo has a full album to her name, too.

I was recently told how big country music is in the US, with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney selling tickets as fast as pop stars. So congratulations, Carrie! You're sure to soar in your career, even if you won't sell millions on this side of the world.

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Ian said...

Carrie has the bigger long-term potential; in that she's nowhere near as awesome as she's GOING to be with training and experience (as opposed to Bo, who is arguably at the top of his game as it is)

Doesn't matter though, I love them both. =) It's refreshing to have an Idol winner that isn't R&B based.


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