You might have seen this strip already, but I'm posting the link to it anyway. It's from PVP Online by Scott Kurtz. Thanks to Fero for sharing.

Come to think of it, in one of my all-too-frequent ruminations last year, I'd thought up one of those story concepts that got filed in my mental "For Future Consideration" section. It's called The Little Shop of Colors, about a flamboyantly effeminate and parloric homosexual struggling to keep his beloved business running -- a comic book shop. Sounded like a good idea, but because it would involve a subculture within a subculture -- homosexual fanboys -- it's a small-audience good idea. As indie as they come. Maybe one of you wonderful comics creators can make something out of the concept.


Jonas Diego said…
Drawing it will be easy enough but I don't know enough of the gay lifestyle to actually write it. I may just end up sounding bigoted.

If you could supply the gags for a 4-panel strip, I'd draw it. :)
Anonymous said…
Jonas: Heheheh... alam mo naman ako. Hindi ko kaya ang 4-panel strip.

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