Wow. I haven't blogged in a week. No surprise, since there hasn't been anything exciting going on.

So one glorious page (out of 14) of my Siglo:Passion story is done. Hurrah, hurrah. Fully colored and lettered. I've tweaked my art style a bit because of the nature of the story, set in Palawan during the war years. Though it's a fictional piece, I managed to incorporate some true-to-life bits, thanks to the book on the subject edited by my grandmother.

Speaking of Siglo, I've to ask Elbert and Jaime if I could join the Nautilus workshops in Festival Mall and ATC. The last time I was in ATC was... hell, I don't remember. A change of atmosphere would be nice. Then again, it would all depend of my state of mind by the time.

Because of these days of relative inactivity, my sleep hours have shifted. I now retire at about five in the morning, and wake up after lunch. Not good. If I'm going to get a job again, I have to readjust my body clock. (Cousin tells me it's perfect, though, for call centers.)

The blessing there is that I've been able to watch a bit of television again. Mostly reality television -- The Apprentice, The Amazind Race, Faking It, Extra Challenge, Victime: Extreme. My cousin got herself a DVD player, so I'm thinking of going on a film-viewing spree soon.

That's about it. It's beginning to get boring, but it's not like I have a choice.

Oh, there's the bathroom to worry about. Haven't cleaned it in three months. Ewwwgh.


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