Nautilus Comics Seminar

It was a semi-long day yesterday, beginning at noon with the first installment of Nautilus Comics' comics creation seminar, held at Powerbooks Greenbelt. With me were the gorgeous editrix supreme Nikki and the omnitalented prodigy Andrew, unleashing whatever knowledge we could impart to 30+ participants. To say the least, it went quite well.

By the end of the seminar, I had to do about a dozen caricatures of those participants who pre-registered. Not an easy task, mind you, since caricaturing isn't my strongest suit. But a deal's a deal between the organizers and the participants, so it shouldn't be an issue for me. It was really nice getting to talk to some of them.

As always, seminars like these are exhausting for me, since I insist on myself on having some formal material prepared, something I picked up from working in the corporate world. I reused the Powerpoint presentation I made for last year's Ateneo seminar and added some more bits to make my segment more well-rounded.

While seminars like these help in getting more people interested in the craft of making comics, there's still that issue to providing opportunities to aspiring creators. The lot of us already in the field have had some luck with our successes, and we're doing what we can to pave the way for others. Still, our resources are quite limited. I wish that more publishers -- of magazines AND books -- will see comics as a new profitable avenue to explore. This wasn't the case when we started our crusade over ten years ago, and major changes in the local comics climate have only been occuring in the last three years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks to Jaime Bautista, Elbert Or, and Nautilus Comics for having me along.


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