Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Do I Look Like A... (Part 2)

Over the past months of passing by The Callboy Zone, I'd notice one vehicle -- a nice silver Altis -- making ever so slow rounds of the area. I couldn't help but utter, "So, out on the prowl again, eh?"

So as it happened again, I was walking through The Zone on my way home. I saw Silver Altis, mysteriously parked at an unlighted area near the exit of The Zone.

As I passed in front of it going to Mini-Stop, Altis' headlights blinked. There wasn't anybody else in the immediate area. I suppressed the urge to look back, knowing fully well what the blink-blink meant. I walked on.

Headlights blinked again. Makulit. I continued towards the light of Mini-Stop.

*sigh* Mukha akong sholbam sa dilim.

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