Monday, May 03, 2004

American Idol

It would be interesting to see how America narrows down the five remaining American Idol finalists -- Diana DeGarmo, George Huff, La Toya London, Fantasia Barrino, and Jasmine Trias – after the hullabaloo that was Jennifer Hudson’s boot out.

Entertainment columnists lamented how the public could allow a talent like Hudson out and yet keep teen crooner John Steven’s in despite the latter’s numerous flawed or lackluster performances. And perhaps the voters listened well enough to evict Stevens the week after. But that is all water under the bridge now.

Huff, London, and Barrino (all black, which dispels the whole ‘racism’ nonsense) definitely have more of what it takes compared to deGarmo and Trias. But Barrino and London may split the “diva” votes between them, and even if they don’t get in, their impressive talents are enough to get them recording contracts. Sixteener DeGarmo has that LeAnn Rimes aura about her, apart from being the only Caucasian in the group, but she’s perhaps the most raw among the lot.

“Flower Power” girl Trias, on the other hand, is Asian-American, and maybe can get the whole of Hawaii pouring votes in her favor after Camille Velasco’s departure. Needless to say, George Huff is such a charming fella with a great voice to match, and there’s something endearing about his childlike mannerisms. Being the only guy left among the Final Five, there could be a windfall of votes there, too.

So I’m going to put my money on George Huff and Jasmine Trias as the last two standing.

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Speaking of singing contests, friend o’ mine texted me that he got into the ten "search for a star" finalists for May, with the initial showdown to be aired this Saturday. Woohoo! Take some names, bro!

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