Friday, February 13, 2004

Filling Up Spaces

So what has been happening lately? Nothing exciting. I’m not like one of those folks who can add verbal embellishments to make the simplest story sound very engaging.

I made my first trip to a laundry shop last weekend, to this place just outside the village called Let’s Talk Dirty, and payed Php150 for washing and another Php150 for pressing. It doesn’t sound too bad for a week’s worth of laundry, though it’s still much more practical to have someone drop by the house twice a week for the same job. With four people living under one roof, getting a laundryperson at Php 400 per visit is comparably a better deal.

I’m beginning to greatly appreciate where I live right now, location-wise. Most everything is a stone’s throw away from San Antonio, and walking home hasn’t been a problem during the work week. I’d take a bus to Galleria, then let my feet take me all the way home. Apart from the exercise, I save tremendously on taxi fares, slashing my usual Php4000+ monthly transportation budget by around 50%. Those savings can cover for my share of the utilities for now.

One of the major items to purchase is a decent refrigerator, as the ancient one that my friend brought in has been working at less than 50% efficiency. With a new fridge in place, I can finally add to my savings by preparing a good share of my meals at home.

Certainly, my new room could use some more sources of entertainment. In my list are a television, a DVD player and a stereo component. Right now, I’m contenting myself to drawing and listening to Dr. Love or Radyo Kongreso on AM Radio before retiring for the night. Yes, AM radio. You ought to try it sometime.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The new office furniture arrived last night, so Bok and I along with office assistant Butch and new design staff Ian spent four hours clearing our workspaces, looking over the work of the installation crew, and putting everything back. Fortunately, Bok knew how to network the whole set up, so I relegated myself to being his assiantant while he connected the computers. We were done by nine in the evening.

The package includes six large tables in dark gray and faux wood, each table complemented by those drawer-thingies on wheels. Each table was outfitted with its own keyboard cradle, and is given its own world by partitions of aluminum and denim blue fabric. This combination goes well with the existing wall and floor colors.

With our spanking new office furniture, the work area looks more organized and surprisingly more spacious. And now that each table is separated by partitions, we can be individually responsible for our own mess.

Now I want to get my own set for my room.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, yes. Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all true believers. I have thought twice whether or not I should go out tomorrow, as we all know how crowded the capitalist centers are going to be with all the lovebirds a-flutter (unless they all plan to help break the world kissing crowd record through Lovepalooza). But I had goaded Marco into treating me to dinner tomorrow, this being my pay-off after rendering professional preprod services for his Angel Ace Next. I dunno where we’re going to eat, but I hope that it’s somewhere expensive. Heheh.

In 2001, I celebrated Valentine’s in a different way. I had an eyeball with an email friend I had met through the internet. He flew in on business, and it had to be on the Day of the Hearts. An interesting chap who spoke with a thick Euro accent, he let me try beer with Sprite for the first time. The combination didn’t seem legal when you think about it, but the resulting concoction was quite appealing. I forget what he called it, but he said it was a common menu item in Portugal. He was French-Portuguese, by the way.

Whenever someone would ask me if I’d been dating, I’d smile and say no. I’m not the type to ask anybody out on a date, and no one has really asked me out beyond the context of a friendly hanging-out. And it’s cool. In fact, I’ve come to the point where I hardly have any opinions about the matter anymore, as if that part of me has been put on stasis. Maybe there’s a few surprises waiting in the wings, or maybe I’m set to carry on this single way for the next few years. I don’t know if I’m ready to go through the whole “love thang” again, but I do know that I’m no longer closed to the idea.

Recalling Andrew’s tarot reading, the three months are almost up, and I’ve saved up some salt grains.

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