Thursday, November 06, 2003

One Night In Purgatory: A Sequel?

At some point, the idea for a sequel to One Night In Purgatory struck me. In fact, I was even willing to expand it into a trilogy, or a three-act graphic novel.

There was a semblance of closure in that 2001 grafiction piece, though many readers found it to be a cop out. My stand, however, rests on the reality that a lot of stories, whether real or make-believe, have no closure. Some of our life’s chapters only muster pseudo-endings, and we are left to write our own, whether they prance into Elysium Fields or drop into Gehenna. But there are the endings that float in Limbo. They’ve ended, but not necessarily in the way we want them to.

Anyway, the supposedly second act to the Purgatory trilogy focuses on Deio and Casey going about their separate lives, sprikled with reflection and insight about how relationships grow and die, how difficult it is for some to let go, and how easy it is for others to walk away. Deio goes back to hanging out with his friends and making harried preparations for his art exhibit, with Theo entering the picture and offering more than just emotional support. Casey, on the other hand, decides to forego entering a new relationship with a female co-worker with whom mutual attraction exists, and settles into a mode of exploration to determine what he’s really all about, sexuality-wise.

Act Three takes Casey and Deio through a journey of sexuality over the course of a year, the former engaging in swinger encounters and turning his back on love, the latter opening himself more to, and consequently being absorbed by, the gay lifestyle. They meet again and, over their customary coffee, find each other changed. What happens next? That’s for me to know…

So will there be a Purgatory trilogy eventually? I don’t know. Last night, a giddy reader of my work asked if there’d be a follow-up. I answered no, to which a slight pout formed on his face. It’s the kind of reaction I try not to be affected by, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to possibilities. Right now, there will be no expanded One Night In Purgatory story, until such time when it aches to be told. So it ain’t wise to hold one’s breath. There are other tales.

Attention Azrael: I have yet to receive a copy of the indie film adaptation. :-)

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