Monday, October 13, 2003

New X-Men Musings

Andrew and I were having a hearty conversation over coffee at Whistle Stop about the new turn of events in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, theorizing where the arc might go. So Xorn is revealed to be Magneto, which threw me for a loop the moment his visage appeared on the last page of issue #146.

Looking back at the characterization of Xorn and comparing that with Magneto’s campiness displayed in the latest issue, I’m led to believe that Morrisson’s building up the momentum for another punchline, the same way he did with his Murder at the Mansion arc. Just when you think you’ve figured things out, there goes the rug from underfoot, and you’re left gasping at a fesh turn of brilliance. But brilliance is relative, so I’m eagerly awaiting the denouement.

This is Morrisson’s last New X-Men arc, yes? This means that another scribe will take over the writing cudgels and bear the pressure of matching the chutzpah of his predecessor’s work. New X-Men is the ultimate absurdist superhero soap opera, and just how many writers can pull that off? Morrisson is known for his delicious wickedness and, at times, jerk-off storytelling, so it’s safe to conclude that New X-Men won’t be the same. But it was a fun ride, and his run will definitely find shelf space among my trades and graphic novels.

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