Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Birthday Bonanza

Marc and Teret celebrated their birthday today at the office. Marc is, of course, Dean’s partner at Kestrel IMC, and Teret is Marc’s wife, who’s one of the head honchos of the audiovisual production outfit Glue. Kestrel IMC is currently squatting at Glue’s office at the haunted Atlanta Centre in Greenhills.

They share the same birthday, an expense-friendly coincidence, and the birthday lunch they had prepared for us was a veritable feast. A salad of greens and mango (garnished with a forest of tarragon) with a choice of garlic vinaigrette or raspberry vinegar dressing, lapu-lapu tureens, fussili with either pesto sauce or tomato sauce with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, garden pasta salad with crab sticks, and a chicken breast thingie served hot from its own chafing dish. For dessert, there were custard and cakes (Red Ribbon mango pie, YUM!). Glue partner Dave brought wine, too. Glue and Kestrel aren’t large business concerns, so you could imagine jaws dropping at the sight of these preparations that normally belong to fine restaurants.

This places Dean and me under giddy pressure; we celebrate our birthdays in January. The challenge is topping Marc and Teret’s performance, and we’d most probably go for theme. Fire-eaters, cherub fountains, a string quartet, skimpily-clad babes and hunks dancing on ledges, stripteases, lap dances, rounds of tequila bodyshots. . . the works.

Or maybe we’ll just order take out from nearby Gloria Maris and rent the Chinese dragon while we’re at it.

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