Bill Makes a Killing

Quentin Tarantino’s fourth feature film Kill Bill (a good six years after Jackie Brown), raked in US$22 million at the American box office last week. Roger and Ebert gave the bloody martial arts flick “two thumbs way up,” yet has created a great divide among moviegoers, judging from online feedback. I’ve never seen this kind of audience polarization before, with grades jumping between the high A’s and the low D’s, E’s, and dismal F’s. A real love-it-or-hate-it film.

When I saw the first trailer earlier this year, I knew that this was the movie I wanted… correction, needed to watch, since I’m a real sucker for high-octane kung fu. (I wet my pants just watching Uma Thurman parry blows with a frying pan.) Reviews revealed flying limbs and lots of squirting blood, which doubles my excitement, only because I’m imagining a live-action Ninja Scroll.

Miramax cut up the film into two, and “Volume One” is currently running. The concluding volume hits screens in February, which is good news to me since I can’t fathom waiting any longer for the follow-up. Geddemet, this just builds my craving for a DVD player.


I was supposed to haul my butt off to Makati last Saturday afternoon to submit new plates for the Zsazsa Zaturnnah compilation, as well as visit Nelz’ photography exhibit at the Heritage Library, when a freak downpour spoiled the afternoon’s itinerary. (So sorry, Nelz.) I was still in Marikina at the time, finishing up lay-outs with the snazzy new computer, when a monstrous burst of thunder heralded a brief power failure. Good thing I was able to save.

So I’ve most of the one-color plates done, and this week will be devoted to the rest of that and the full-color pin-ups. The sidelines are moving quite slowly but tackling them one step at a time should do the trick. Word had come up that the Project: One Hundred inside pages can be executed in halftones, so that should make things easier for me, design-wise.

The downpour ain’t over yet.


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