Sunday, September 28, 2003

Dessert Tripping

Last Friday night, I treated myself to dessert at the Shangri-La Edsa hotel. Now I don't usually splurge like this on food, especially desserts, and I'm not the classic sweet tooth. But one would say that after working so hard, a little luxury won't hurt and can add to the spiritual upliftment crusade.

So at the hotel's spacious café, I sat comfortably in the smoking area and ordered a mango crepe and coffee. I was expecting some ridiculous bite-size morsel, but thankfully the serving seemed to be well-worth the hefty price. There were two pieces of crepe swimming in thick white cream and laden with kiwi fruit, mango, stawberry, and stabbed with two stiff blades of white chocolate. In the crepes were more mango pieces and what seemed like cheesecake or some such, I wouldn't know. Overall, a sweet and light delight. It's the kind of thing you could share with a date, but... ahem...

Last night at Greenbelt, the PowerPoets (reduced-numbers version) decided to try out the sugary selections of swanky Bizu and I'll say that despite its intimidating upscale ambience the trip was well worth it. I had the raspberry mousse (called Babylon) which was smoothy-fruity but could not compare to Nelz's lip-smacking creme brulee or Ian's dark chocolate mousse-marvel (called Samba). Complementing my dessert adventure was a pot of passion fruit tea.

Since I didn't know if I'd be able to set foot in the place again, I ordered their hors d'oeuvre platter and shared it with the group. I had wanted to get the wild mushroom quiche but I realized that having desert before a main meal didn't seem proper. Maybe someday I'll be able to go back. Maybe.

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