Friday, September 26, 2003

Calming Down

Just when I had thought I had enough on my plate, two new paying opportunities dangled in front of my face. They're fairly simple affairs which can be done in an hour or two, but I made the mistake of adding those to my already long list of to-dos, which sent my senses reeling at the tightness of schedules. People would say that it's a great problem, having all these things to do and getting paid for most of them, but my sanity was already making physiognomy-defying somersaults, double-twists, and contortions. (I couldn't say no to the jobs because they're returning clients and they pay well.)

I asked Bok what he'd do in a similar situation, and he gave me an answer that put my perspectives in check: stop and talk to God.

Of course! How could I have forgotten? Here I was drowning in thought, unsure of where to start, and all I needed to do to get out of the rut was to take spiritual medication.

Whew! I'm calmer now.

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