Thursday, August 21, 2003

Whisper to a Screen

Highlighting the past few days was my perusal of the first draft of the Zsazsa Zaturnnah screenplay. Receiving the document wasn’t something I expected, much less demanded, but I’m very thankful that the folks behind the production saw it fit to solicit my comments and suggestions about it.

So there’s gonna be added scenes, modified sequences, and some new supporting characters. The screenwriter gave a well thought-out first draft. I found myself laughing at some of his additional dialogue and sequences. Some of the new bits may not sit well with a lot of you, but note that if you take the entirety of the original comics work, pacing and all, a film version would barely reach 90 minutes. This provides an excellent opportunity for the filmmaker to add more creative meat into the adaptation. Of greatest concern is not so much page-by-page accuracy, but more the deftness of craft and channeling the spirit of the original work. X2, for instance, was not very faithful in a lot of ways to the original comics, but it’s in itself well-made.

Casting-wise, the line up is too far from complete. Only sureballs lie in two characters. Because many of today’s actors have found steady-income refuge in television, squeezing in shooting days, much less a commitment for the film, is difficult. Add to that their personal demands as well as those of their managers. So everything’s pretty much up in the air as far as this area is concerned.

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