Monday, August 11, 2003

Playing With Verses

I wrote two poems for last Saturday’s PowerPoets session at Powerbooks-Arnaiz. Obviously rushed, these pieces, but passable considering, both adhering to the session theme “Indifference.”


I see you on the defensive
Stonewalled across the heart
And eyes pointed to directions
Beyond me

Corrosive is your demeanor
Though acid seems milder
Descriptive of your silences
And whispers

There you stand thousands of miles far
A beacon of light tall
Strong and resilient to quakes and
Bitter storms

While I struggle through seas and seas
Coughing up liquid salt
Wishing that lightning would offer paths
To save me

Then a mirror breaks deep within
Of pasts and dreamt futures
Telling me luck nor hope will be mine
Seven years

And when you choose to cast your light
On me, torn and broken
I feel the weight of your frozen stare
Drowning me


Thank you for calling e-Telecare
How may I help you?

Isang laksang tinig ang dumampi sa aking tenga
Bawa’t isa’y nagmamakaawa
Na sana’y mabigyan ko sila ng kaunting kalinga
At kaunting pansin

Thank you for that information
That’s account number 09-9298265-03

Tila akong mang-aawit na iisa ang kanta
Di kumukupas o naluluma
O mistulang burikak na bumubuka-bukaka
Na ganun-ganun lang

Thank you for waiting
I’m sorry but your account has not been updated

Nagkakataon lang na lumilihis ang diskarte
Di sinasadya ang magkamali
Kulubot ng aking tono, gayon din iyong nota
Walang personalan

I apologize for the inconvenience
I’ll transfer you now to the supervisor

Ito ang kuwento ng pangkaraniwang gabi
Nagbebenta ng aliw sa Libis
Mabuwisit ka man ay walang anuman, dahil ‘di
Tayo magkakilala

- - - - - - - - -

Apart from seeing a whole bunch'a wonderful people last Saturday night, my night was doubly made when I purchased the Engima trade paperback (by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo) for the sale price of Php 409. WOW! What an offer! (in classic Home Shopping Channel accent). Tobie had lent me Enigma some time ago in its single pamphlet version, and I was blown away by the wonderfully-crafted story, about one Michael Smith and a superhero who comes to life, and comes with a denouement that totally knocked my socks off. This is highly-recommended to those who like dark and intricate modern-fantasy stories. And it doesn't matter whether you're a comics fan or... well... gay. This is simply one piece of grafiction genius.

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