Monday, August 25, 2003

Long Weekend

My Friday officially began in the afternoon. Teeth day, after ten thousand years of not setting foot in dentist’s clinic. There was something amiss about my pearlies that I needed to have them checked, and thankfully the good dentist told me that all I needed was five caps that could all be dealt with over the next two or three weekends. But the best part of it all was having the luxury of walking to the clinic from home. Just around the corner, a minute away.

After getting my teeth cleaned, I hurried to the cinemas to catch Quark Henares’ dark comedy Keka, starring Katya Santos and Wendell Ramos. Not a total waste of life, that film, and cleanly-executed for the most part. After the movie, it was a cup of caffeine at Mocha Blends, where I finished reading Craig Thompson’s innocently-honest coming-of-age graphic novel Blankets. A good and touching read, which should have been, given its ridiculous price.

I proceeded to Music 21 - Timog Avenue for a singing engagement with some members of the gang and some a couple of special guests. You’ll find more details about this in the blogs of Dean, Vin, El, Charles, Tobie, and Nikki (who was most recently pulled through the gates of blogdom). Fun all around; videoke sessions are always best with the right company.

Got home at around three in the morning, hit the sack at five, and woke up a good eleven-and-a-half hours later. I decided to stay home, intent on saving, among other things. The thought of moving out again knocked from within my noggin.’ More on that when plans and tactics grow firm.

It was fine time to clean up my hellhole of a room, thereby gradually flushing out more spiritual baggage. I sorted through one of my giant stuff boxes for things to throw away for good, things I’d keep for pleasant memories, and documents that desperately demand filing. In my ideal world, I’d convert all my old paper files to digital and save me precious room space. There’s still a lot left, but I’m in no rush. A little every so often is better than none at all.

I also catalogued the TPBs and graphic novels I’ve amassed. They’re not a lot compared to those of other comics aficionados – a little over twenty I’ve counted – but enough to look like a decently varied collection. I’ve somewhat decided to stay away from spending on comics for an indefinite time. They do cost an arm and a leg, and there have even been a few to which I’ve attached slight regret. Thankfully, the next few trades I want to get (Arrowsmith, 1602) won’t see release anytime soon.

Sunday was deliciously quiet compared to the previous weeks. Allow me to explain: we currently have 13 people in the household, including three kids and three maids. My sister and her family had been living at the house for the past four years. My brother and his family moved back in because of an altercation in his wife’s house, where they had been living for the most part since they got married. The noise barrages have never been louder, particularly when my niece and nephew fight over toys, something that happens all too often really, much to the chagrin of my mom.

So it happened yesterday that both families were gone for the afternoon, leaving the house under the spell of heavenly bliss. I spent the early afternoon having a much-delayed chat with dear mother who needed a respite from all those solo Scrabble games she’d been playing. When mom needed to head kitchen-wise to prepare dinner, I did an hour of toxin-purging aero-weights. After a soothing hot bath and a post-workout drink of non-fat milk mixed with three egg whites, I was off for Quezon City.

At seven, I was along E. Rodriguez Avenue, having dinner at Toto’s Lechon. Boneless bangus and lechong manok (not the best but good enough), then coffee at Gloria Jean’s. Soon after, I was at St. Luke’s Medical Center. My friend Jam had an ulcer attack and had been admitted at the hospital to get an endoscopy the following morning. Her deejay boyfriend was working his shift, so she asked me to keep her company. I stayed at St.Luke’s till after midnight (finally seeing an episode of Spielberg’s Taken) and got home an hour later via a semi-neurotic taxi.

Yawn. Long weekend. Short week ahead.

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