Wouldn't It Be Nice...

...if we had one of these? I believe they began only last year, making last February's event the second of its kind for the University of Florida. Not sure, though, if other colleges and universities have the same thing.

The Second Annual University of Florida Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels will take place on February 7th and 8th in Gainesville, Florida. Participants for the Conference are artists Kim Deitch, Bill Griffith, Diane Noomin, Art Spiegelman and Robert Williams, along with comic scholars from three countries. Programming for the Conference will occur at the Sheraton Hotel on Friday, and at Keane Faculty Center on Saturday. All programming is FREE and OPEN to the public.

Friday, February 7th
Sheraton Hotel, SW 13th St

9:00 am :
Turim: "I Don't Want to Die an Idiot': Desire, Sex, Revolution, and Male Self-examination in Wolinski's Mai 68 Comic Commentaries
Nygren: Impossible Sexualities: Atrocity, Abjection and the Limits of Representation in 'Underground' Manga
Boggs: Escape to or from the Underground?: A European Eye on the Promise and Perils of "der Comicuntergrund"

10:00 am :
Gordon: Jewish Fathers and Sons in Spiegelman's Maus and Roth's Patrimony
Hatfield: The Presence of the Artist: Kim Deitch's Comix vis-à-vis the Animated Cartoon
Wenthe : "It's only lines on paper, folks!": Self-referentiality as method and subject in the work of R. Crumb

11:00 am : Coffee Break

11:15 am :
Merino: Eve versus Lilith, Underground versus Alternative: The representation of Women through the male eye, from Fear to Love.
Razee & LeSure: Honkytonk Sue: Life after the Undergrounds Ain't All Bisquits and Gravy
LaFrance: Surface Desires Surface for LTR: Formations of Identity, Belonging, and Desire in Julie Doucet's Long Time Relationship

12:30 am : Lunch Break

1:15 pm :
Steiling: Stoned, Tripping and Blotto: Icons of Altered Consciousness in the Underground Comics
Seymour: Honesty in the Underground: Then and Now
Joseph: The Economics of the Underground: The Publishing and Distribution of Alternatives from the 70s to Today.
Meredith: Cliff Steele's Coat: the Genre Comic and its Outcasts

2:30 pm :
Kartalopoulos: Systems of Styles: Multiple Representations in Maus and Other Works
Cates:"Truth Effects" in Jack Jackson's and Rick Geary's Nineteenth Centuries
Kuhlman: The Poetics of the Page: City of Glass, the graphic novel

3:30 pm : Afternoon Break

4:00 pm :
Taylor, Houp, Fenty, Clevinger: Webcomics and the Underground

5:00 pm :
Waluconis, Rifas, Escudero-Shafer: What do Underground Comix talk about when they talk about race?

6:00 pm :
Lombardo: Demonic gazettes: Italian graffiti from the 1848 revolution
Hill: Down Under Ground: Emotional and Oppositional Outpourings from Sydney's Subculture in the Comics of Glenn Smith
Fischer: "So Demanding of ‘Purity'?": Verbal-Visual Combinations and Text Types in Justin Green's Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary
Creekmur:The Underground Negro: Race and Racism in Comix

A primer on their first comics conference can be found here. Can't wait for our top universities to follow suit.


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