Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Working Alone

I don't know if it's just the time of the day, or the fact that I'm alone at the office -- I work better.

For most of today, I did a few routinary things. Cleaned up some images. Set a few type blocks on a lay-out. Downloaded pertinent images for another project. Checked and rechecked email. During this period, I played with a few concepts for another project pitch happening on Friday. The moment everyone left the office at 6:00 pm, my brain kicked into high gear, and I'm almost done with my part of the pitch.

I got so used to working in a quiet environment, hearing myself think and all. That's been the mode for the past three or so years. It's a condition I have to undo somewhat, as push-to-shove situations do not choose time.

Oopsie. I have to stop for now. The aircon unit is off and all the windows are closed. But there's this bit of cold air brushing against my left side. Gotta go.

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