Monday, June 09, 2003

What's Next?

With Dean's announcement in his blog that Pipeline Media will be folding, I'm faced once again with the question of what I'm supposed to do next to earn my keep. Options abound, yes, but starting again has always been a difficult process.

Freelancing in graphic design and illustration tops the options list. I've been getting more accustomed to going solo with an afternoon to past-midnight work day. The challenge here is expanding my reach, perhaps setting up a sole proprietorship to make things legit. Then coming up with a website with substantial content. But to start off, I should come up with some sort of plan and make sure I stick to it. Trying out again for the US comics companies is still part of the grand scheme, but I can't rush that. Vin promised me a 15-page script for me to work on as a Twilight Empires sample, so that might be good submission material.

In the meantime, have to check the Lotto results.

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